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Our History

Hotel Greenfield, built in 1919, welcomed its first visitors in 1920. The lobby floor of the hotel hasn't changed much since it was constructed almost a century ago. The building's front desk, staircase, brick, pocket doors, windows, and lobby tile are all original. The first Hotel Greenfield featured 15 rooms on each level and one shared bathroom on each floor. It was built for about $65,000. The current Mary Wise Room was previously a restaurant with seating for 40 diners.


In the 1930s, the event room was a tea parlor. It was a popular hangout for both residents and tourists. The sign that stood outdoors for years is now on display in our Flour Room. It was the first lit sign ever constructed on the exterior of the building. It has been repainted and now acts as a link between Hotel Greenfield and The Olive Branch restaurant.


In the 1940s, Hotel Greenfield also served as a bus stop. During World War II, many troops left this area to serve their country. Portraits of a couple of these men can be found in the lobby. The current sign is a reproduction of an exterior sign from the 1940s. In the 1940s, Greenfield hosted "Pan America Days," which drew 10,000 guests. The Flour Room and lounge area have pictures from that event.


When it comes to the Flour Room... Designing for the hotel began in 1919 they decided to the existing building’s east brick wall. That wall had advertising for the town's grocery store. Hotel Greenfield discovered the advertising during renovation and repainted the mural that had been on the wall since the 1800s.


In the 1950s, the event room included a soda fountain, and kids would hang out there after school. The soda fountain ran the length of the east side wall, with just enough room for a waitress to go behind it to serve clients. In addition, the Flour Room housed a barbershop. In the 1960s, the hotel sector suffered a drop in room rentals, and many rooms were converted into apartments. The barbershop was then converted into a beauty salon.


Due to a decline in revenue and decreased traffic to the hotel in the 1970s, the restaurant closed. Only one or two families were living in the hotel, and the remainder of the structure was in disrepair.


When Doc (Gene) Kuhns bought the structure in 1987, he reopened a restaurant on the main floor and boarded up the upper two levels, which were never used.


Doc sold the company and the structure to John and Joni Galanakis in the early 1990s and the restaurant's name was changed to "The Old Hotel." They moved their family to Greenfield and created a unique eating experience for the community by providing dishes from their Greek heritage. Before selling the building to ADCO Enterprises LC in July 2010, the Galanakises successfully managed a restaurant there for nearly two decades.


ADCO Enterprises, which is mostly owned by local investors, has refurbished the hotel. The rebuilt hotel now includes 20 overnight rooms and the Mary Wise Room for event rentals.


Greenfield has benefited greatly from the hotel project, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us!

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